The process of moving can be stressful and hard to coordinate, especially if you don't move very often. If you are hiring movers, it is important that you know what is expected from them but also what they shouldn't have to do. Here are four things you shouldn't expect movers to do for you during the moving process.

1. Don't Expect Movers to Wait While You Pack

The worst thing that you can do is have movers arrive to a home that hasn't been packed. This is impolite to professional movers and will slow down your process. Pack up your items and have boxes ready to go. You are paying for your mover's time so don't have them show up to you frantically throwing things in plastic bags and boxes.

2. Don't Expect Movers to Pack up Your Smaller Items

Similar to not being ready for movers, don't expect them to clean up and pack your house. That is your job. Some movers will offer to come in and start wrapping up smaller items and boxing them. You will pay dearly for this at the end of your move, especially if you are charged by the hour.

3. Don't Expect Movers to Disassemble or Build Furniture

Anything that you can do to have your furnishings move-ready the better. This can be hard with larger items such as bed frames and large tables, but try to get everything ready to fit out the door. Sometimes you might not be able to disassemble items and movers can help, but don't expect them to build your furnishings at your new place. Remember to tip accordingly for anything that movers do to help that is above and beyond what is expected.

4. Don't Ask Movers to Clean or Arrange Items

Things are going to get dusty in a move, and your items will be outside and in a truck. Things might get messy, but this is part of the drill. Don't expect movers to dust things off or to clean the backs of items that may have been hiding dirt and dust in your old home. Movers can place large items where you want them and boxes in specific rooms, but don't ask them to arrange furniture.

Remember, anything that you ask for movers to help with that is above and beyond their standard service might come with additional charges. Try to do your part and be ready for your move so that the movers can stick to doing their job. Contact a moving company like M Dyer & Sons Inc for specific questions on the moving process, especially if you have items that you think might pose a challenge.