Storage units can be used for many purposes, from storing rare collections to full-size RVs. Many individuals end up renting a storage unit because they do not have enough storage space available in their home, and sometimes it is not realistic to part with items such as seasonal clothing. However, before storing clothes in a storage unit, you should know how to avoid long-term damage.

Use Garment Racks

It is not uncommon for people to use plastic bins or boxes to put clothes in for storage. However, while plastic bins are okay for some clothes, garment racks are exceptional at protecting your clothing. Garment racks will help you succeed with long-term storage, but you cannot rely on the racks alone. It is just as important to use the right hanging method to keep your clothes from getting permanently creased.

Get the Right Hangers

Some people might stock up on a single type of hanger for all of their clothes, but this will lead to some problems with clothing storage. Heavy jackets can bend plastic hangers over time, which can lead to clothes getting misshapen when they stay in the same position for a long time.

Instead of standard plastic hangers, you should look at multi-level pant hangers. These will prevent you from needing to get so many garment racks to store your clothes. It is important to go through your wardrobe to determine the hanger types that you need before diving into storage. Feeling the need to fold clothes and use a plastic bin can lead to damage for some garments, which you want to avoid.

Know When to Hang or Fold

It is best to take an expert's advice on what to fold and hang. Items such as dresses, dress pants, and skirts should be hung while knitwear, some evening gowns, and t-shirts are fine to fold.

Since folding clothes, putting them into a plastic bin, and stacking bins on top of each other is easily more space-efficient than hanging clothes on a garment rack, it is beneficial to know what you can fold. With this in mind, you can put some items into storage containers instead of using hangers to preserve them without any issues.

Storing your clothes for a few seasons or for the long term does not have to be a gamble. All it requires is learning about the methods for proper clothing storage and implementing them.