If you are sick of stumbling over boxes and boxes of files in your office, it might be time to take some of the older files to a self-storage unit. This is a great way to keep them safe and secure, without taking up space in your office. In the office, you should also have filing cabinets with files that you still have an immediate need for. The rest can be stored and out of your way. Here are some tips for storing business documents in a self-storage unit.

Make Digital Backups First

You should never store business documents of any kind without having backups. While this will take some time, you will be glad you did it if anything happens to the original copies! Choose a few different methods of backing up the files, such as with a physical CD and saved online somewhere that is password-protected. With the documents not already saved digitally, you may need to scan them first, then back them up. There are also companies that will take your files and make digital copies for you if you don't have the time.

Store the Documents in Heavy Duty Bins

When storing the documents and file in the storage unit, never use cardboard boxes. The cardboard won't protect the paper documents at all if there is a flood or insects in the storage unit. In fact, cardboard often attracts rodents and insects like mice, cockroaches, and spiders. To keep them out, you are better off using heavy duty plastic storage containers with airtight lids. Get some heavy duty ones that can hold a lot of weight so that you can fit more of the documents inside. Paper gets heavy very quickly, so you want the commercial-grade bins. Go one step further in protecting the files by placing the bins on wood pallets instead of directly on the ground of the storage unit.

Organize Them By Type and Date

Organizing files in the storage unit is also very important, since it makes it a lot easier to retrieve documents you might need at some point. If you run a doctor's office, there may be a time when you need an original copy of a note you sent for someone who was injured on the job. You should be able to go to the storage un it, find the bin labeled for that year, and easily retrieve it. When organizing by date, keep the older dates in the back and the newer dates up front. Also put different types of documents in different bins, separating by invoices, receipts, bills, and other types of documents.